Art Of Guitar Instructional DVD Volume 1 – Paul Sundt and James Jay


Art Of Guitar Volume 1 – High Speed Digital Download from Amazon.



8 lessons focusing mainly on techniques and concepts for the improvising rock guitarist.  This volume is aimed at intermediate to experienced guitarists but even if you’re a beginner you should be able to grasp some of it.

2 bonus lessons included!  Here’s the contents list:

Lesson 1 – Pentatonic 5 Note Groupings (Quintuplets)

Lesson 2 – Sweep Picking Shapes

Lesson 3 – 7th Arpeggio Patterns

Lesson 4 – Triad Moves

Lesson 5 – Bends

Lesson 6 – Approach Notes

Lesson 7 – Tapping Arpeggios

Lesson 8 – Paul’s Scale System

Lesson 9 – Octave Ideas (BONUS)

Lesson 10 – J.S. Bach’s Prelude and Fuge No. II (BONUS)

Total running time is 30 minutes. There isn’t a lot of long winded explanation and talking. The lessons are in the format of a brief explanation of the concepts, a demonstration of how to play them and then an improvisational demo to inspire you… and a few silly jokes. The complete file size is just under 3Gb so if you haven’t got high speed Internet then we’d recommend a hard copy.


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