Learn Guitar

So, you’re thinking about learning the guitar and maybe you’re wondering if lessons are the way to go.  Or perhaps you’re thinking about using all the free content available on YouTube to get you started.

What a good idea.  Both of them!  Learning the guitar is easier now than it probably ever has been.  There’s so much easily accessible content online and a bewildering array of apps, books, courses and online workshops.  The trouble with having so much amazing content is that it becomes a bit too easy to get distracted by something new without ever really working hard on any single thing for long enough to see the benefits.

The best solution to really get the most out of whatever precious practice time you can spare is to combine the incredible resource of the Internet with the accountability of a regular weekly or fortnightly lesson.  A good teacher can save you so much wasted effort.  Learning the guitar to a high level is a lot like finding your way through a maze.  There are a lot of dead ends and it’s possible (likely, even) to waste huge amounts of energy backtracking, practicing things you’ll never use or failing to see the wood for the trees.  Having someone to show you the way is the right thing to do… and supplementing that with picking things up from elsewhere is even better.